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Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam

What can he do? What can't he do? About the Ombudsman

“Together with all the stakeholders, we are working on a continuously improving government we can all believe in.”

What can we do, what can’t we do?

Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam is a second-line complaint provision: you may contact us when you have filed a complaint with a municipality affiliated with us and you are not satisfied with the way that complaint has been dealt with. If your complaint is regarding the execution of policy – for example the way in which a permit was (not) issued, how an appeal was treated or people (not) sticking to their agreements – then we will reexamine the complaint and come up with a solution.

Independent and impartial
The department or authority the complaint pertains to is under no obligation to adopt the solution we propose, though 95% of the time, our solutions are adopted. That does not mean, however, that you are always right or that you may demand anything and everything from the government: the ombudsman is no advocate or mediator; he evaluates independently and impartially the conduct of the municipality and will devise a solution based on that process.

Investigation under own initiative
Aside from handling complaints, we may also conduct investigations under our own initiative. When the ombudsman observes problems without complaints, we are authorized to investigate these problems.

Authority restrictions
There are limits to our authority. As such, there is very little we can do about consumer issues (you may consider contacting the Consumers Union for that), housing corporations or non-municipal authorities such as the police or the UWV. Additionally, if your complaint pertains to political decisions or decrees or if a judge has given a verdict, there is usually not a lot we can do.

Ask us
Are you in doubt whether or not you can file a complaint? Then please feel free to contact us. Together we will determine how best to help you.