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Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam


“Every citizen counts and every complaint is one too many.” This is the starting point of Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam and this is why the quick and efficient resolution of individual incidents and structural problems is our priority. With everything we do, we employ the motto: “Listen, Resolve, Learn”. We listen to all the parties involved and resolve problems through a helpful , adequate set of interventions focused on learning.

1. Listen
At the ombudsman, we take the time to listen to you and your problem: we treat every request for help with the utmost care and we understand that being heard is an important part of resolving a problem. We are impartial, subordinate to no one and our services are always free of charge.

2. Resolve
Whether we are dealing with incidental or structural mistakes, the goal is always to resolve the problem. Errors or simple mistakes may be resolved within hours. But if an investigation is needed involving multiple parties, resolution may take weeks or even months. In such cases, we will always keep you apprised of our progress.

3. Learn
Based on the complaints we receive and resolve we develop learning processes together with all the parties involved. These learning processes are aimed at enabling the respective organization to improve their own way of functioning. In this way, we aim to prevent others from ending up in similar situations.

So, if you feel like no one is listening to you and that no one is looking for a solution to your problem, please feel free to contact us.