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Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam

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“If you are not satisfied with the municipality’s treatment of you or your case, you may file a complaint with Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam.”

What is Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam?

Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam is a municipal second-line complaint provision: if you filed a complaint with a municipality that is affiliated with us (Amsterdam, Almere, Amstelveen, Diemen, Zaanstad, Waterland, Landsmeer) and you are not satisfied with how you or your case was treated, please feel free to contact us. Every request for help is treated with the utmost care and we understand that being heard is an important part of finding a solution. We are impartial, subordinate to no one and our services are always provided free of charge.

How does it work?
In most cases, it is helpful if you file your complaint with the respective municipality first. Based on their response we can determine how best to be of assistance to you. However, if the municipality is taking too long to formulate a response or if you disagree with their response, please feel free to file a complaint with us directly.

Ask us
Are you in doubt if you can file a complaint? Do you require assistance in filing your complaint? Then please feel free to contact us. Together we will determine how best to help you.